Title : Building Cleaning Associate (BCA)

    Role : Manager

    Contact Info : 9598532454

    Description :

    Position Goals & Objectives:

    • Deliver exceptional building level cleaning services and quality within WeWork operational standards guidelines.
    • Assure positive Member experience through the highest levels of building cleanliness.
    • Perform all tasks on schedule with maximum efficiency.
    • Identify and set priorities through clear communication with the Community Management team.
    • Maintain a 90-point or above monthly cleanliness rating based on WeWork Standards.
    • Work with the Community Management team to identify opportunities to enhance building cleanliness and efficiency.
    • Act as eyes and ears in absence of Community Management staff in the evening.



    • Proven team player: ability to work with a team and achieve daily and monthly goals.
    • Self starter: able to identify work that needs to be done and does it without required instruction.
    • Observant and professional: able to perform tasks at hand when Members are onsite.
    • Detail oriented: pays attention to details regarding processes and extra attention to special requests.
    • High School Diploma or equivalent cleaning-related job experience.
    • Ability to work with a large, diverse group of employees and suppliers.
    • Ability to lift up to 40 lbs.
    • Ability to work a flexible schedule that may change based on the needs of the business.


    Duties & Responsibilities included but not limited to:

    • Ready to work at scheduled time.
    • Inspect and maintain cleanliness standards at key locations in the building throughout the shift, including pantries, bathrooms, common areas and conference rooms. Both on an as needed basis and as part of the daily deep cleaning, all areas should be dusted, wiped clean and vacuumed or mopped.
    • Clean glass walls and doors, including inside and outside of private offices and aluminum partitions.
    • Thoroughly deep clean and reset restrooms.
    • Thoroughly clean and reset pantries / kitchens throughout building (including the restock of: dish soap, hand soap and paper towels, paper plates, cups and cutlery).
    • Remove kitchen pantry garbage.
    • Clean and organize refrigerators and other appliances.
    • Load and unload dishwasher.
    • Maintain and then lock beer kegerators in evening.
    • Wash coffee pots and sanitize fruit water container at the end of the day if needed.
    • Thoroughly clean and reset conference rooms.
    • Thoroughly clean and maintain specialty rooms such as screening rooms, wellness rooms, recording studios, etc. Reset furniture and equipment and replenish any missing amenities.
    • Clean phone booths, including clean desk,  dust, vacuum, disinfect phone handles, and prepare doors.
    • Prepare and maintain printing stations
    • Clean common spaces and hallways. Reset furniture, deep clean carpets / floors.
    • Clean glass, doors, furniture and floors of private offices as scheduled.
    • Remove office trash and recycling daily.
    • Take garbage to trash room/ loading dock and/or curb daily.
    • Maintain building entrances and sidewalks (shovel snow/ice when needed) if necessary.
    • Maintain building and floor lobbies if necessary.
    • Maintain elevator cars and doors if necessary.
    • Work with the facilities and maintenance team to achieve excellence in the delivery of services to Members.
    • Maintain staircase throughout the building including emergency stairwells.
    • Respond to service related emergencies as needed.
    • Oncall for building staff during work hours.
    • Comply with all safety policies and procedures relating to performance of tasks and/or use of supplies.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.